Our 5 Favourite Free VST's 2020

Seen as we have all been hit so hard this year by a lot of things far out of our control, we thought we would bring you a list of our favourite vst's that wont cost a penny. Give these 5 amazing plug ins a go and make sure to keep creating through these difficult times. 



Dexed By Digital Suburban:

Dexed is a Free plug in synthesiser from Digital suburban which has been closely modelled on the Iconic Yamaha DX7.


This synth is easily one of the most powerful free VST’s that I’ve personally ever used. It has a very similar functionality to that of the Yamaha DX7 with the extra benefits that a software synth offers. At first glance you can see straight away the sheer amount of parameters this synth offers, which makes the synth look frankly daunting to begin with. But don’t be put off!. Once you break the surface with this synth you realise just good this synth actually is. It may take you a while to get used to but its definitely worth it.



Rough Rider 3 by Audio Damage

Rough rider 3 is a hugely popular compressor plug in that can easily compete with the best. It has a very simple layout, making it easy

To navigate and understand. it has all the basic controls for a compressor and includes a side chain with high pass filter option. its designed to add the punch to a mix which makes it perfect for adding to instruments like drums and bass, and can also be useful for parallel compression. It has very unique warm tone which gives it a vintage effect which is why it makes an appearance in the majority of my mixes.



Labs by spitfire audio

Out of all of the plug ins in this list Labs has to be the most useful and the most fun. It is a huge library of software synths designed by some frankly impressive sampling experts somewhere in London. The range of instruments this plug in offers makes it one of my personal favourite on this list and is by far the best plug in to use when looking for instrumental / more acoustic sounds such as pains and organs.



Chorus-LX by TAL.

This super simple chorus plug in is one that I massively recommend for both beginner and established producers. The super simple controls make this plug in easy to use and simple to understand, without much getting used to. The sound that this thing can create is out of this world. It does everything that a chorus plug in should do and so much morse. I regularly use this effect on bells and keys as it can give these types of instruments so much space and width in the mix and is one of my go to plug ins for my chain when I’m looking for a super wide sound.



MFreeFXBundle by Melda Productions

Yes I know this is not a single plug in but we have to give Zelda productions the respect they are due for this amazing bundle of free plug ins. The pack contains. I have owned this collection of plug ins from when I first started producing and the amount t of help they have been is insane. The pack contains 37 different effects that will easily cover all your need in terms of mixing and production and is a great starting point fort any beginner producer. Even-though these effects are free they incredibly powerful and the sound quality from each one is excellent.



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