Inception Sound Design - Dream vs Reality

In Inception sound designer richard king used his expertise to attempt at creating a feeling of mystery withing this mind bending thriller. Within the sound design my biggest interest was the way that King and his team managed to blur the lines between reality and dream using sound. The approach that king took was to attempt at to show a shift in reality without making it too obvious. During the creation of the sound you could tell that king was taking a totally different approach than had been previously seen when he said "it has to sounds like it exists but the natural physics of what’s happening are completely imaginary”. The reason the sounds for this movies worked so well was due to kings approach to showing broken physics within the sounds he used, which can be seen at multiple different points throughout the movie. 

The main way he showed this twist in physics was with the use of an unusual style of layering. King basically disected the sounds he needed and created multiple layers for the sounds, some were realistic souding, but others were completely unnatural in context. This particular style of layering provided the sound design with a subtle unnatural feeling while still appearing realistic on the surface. Looking at this genius use of sound design shows just how good Richard King and his team were on this movie, and it comes as no surprise they won plenty of awards.



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